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A Personalized Home Alarm System In Tempe For Your One-Of-A-Kind Home

Whether you’re looking for a basic security system or you'd like a smart home system, you can't go wrong in Tempe investing in a new home alarm system secured by ADT monitoring. From window and door sensors to smoke and CO detectors, your equipment will work together to help protect your home. Every home security system in Tempe is professionally installed, easy to use, and monitored around the clock by ADT.

Tempe security window sensor

Door and Window Sensors Help Protect Your Home’s Points of Entry

Help protect your home’s points of entry with ADT monitored window and door sensors. When you turn on the system, your alarm will trigger whenever the magnets come apart.

Tempe security motion sensor

PIR Motion Sensors Recognize One’s Movement And Heat

System motion sensors can shield a broad space and recognize both movement and body heat. With pet immunity under 60 pounds, your motion sensors can alert you to unwanted intruders and not your 4-legged friends.

Tempe high-decibel alarmHigh-Decibel Alarms Give Off High-Decibel Sound

Each and every time a detector is set-off, the system’s high-frequency alarm can notify you with noise loud enough to be heard throughout the house. The high-decibel alarm will help ensure your family is awake and finds a safe area sooner.

Tempe security panic buttonPanic Button Remote Can Activate Your Alarm

Should you find yourself in an emergency and you can’t reach your digital keypad, you can easily set off your alarm utilizing the panic button remote. Your remote will set off your high-decibel alarm and notify your ADT monitoring station.

Tempe security panel

ADT’s Digital Control Panel And Keypad Is Simple To Use

Your digital control panel performs as the core of your home security system in Tempe. Your panel is easy to control and able to accommodate each of your home security products. It can also signal your ADT monitoring center directly with the touch of a button.

Tempe security key fob

Wireless Keychain Remote Controls Your Alarm From Any Place In Your House

Arming and disarming the home security system can be as natural as unlocking your car. Just press the keyfob button from anywhere in the home to arm and disarm your alarms.

Tempe security smartlock

Intelligent Locks With Keyless Access

Get keyless access into your home with ADT monitored intelligent locks. Set up unique PIN numbers for each individual member of your family. You can even lock or unlock your doors by clicking a remote and get alerts via ADT Command.

Tempe security yard sign

Signage And Decals To Help Deter Intruders

Caution uninvited visitors and let them know that your home is safeguarded by a home security system using ADT monitoring. Advertising that your house is secured by a Tempe home alarm system can frequently be an outstanding deterrent against intruders.


Professionally Installed Home Security System Works Correctly From The First Day

While you are able to buy your Tempe home alarm system from a box, you will receive no assurance that it’ll function the way you intended. With professional installation, you can be assured that your home alarm system will be ready to go with ADT monitoring at once. Your installer will book appointments at a time that works for you, with same-day and next-day installations possible in most areas. And they won’t leave the premises until they tell you how to activate and deactivate your new home security system.

Your Tempe Home Alarm System Is Backed By 24/7 ADT Monitoring

Regardless of which Tempe home alarm system you select, you can be confident that your equipment is supported by 24/7 ADT monitoring. As soon as an alarm or sensor is tripped, a real person will quickly contact local authorized responders listed on your customized home security plan. You can also reach out to your assigned monitoring station immediately utilizing digital control panels, panic buttons, or as part of the ADT Control app.