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A Garage Door Sensor In Tempe Protects Your Largest Entryway

If you’re think like many Tempe homeowners, your garage door is probably the most susceptible entrances at your property. You may accidentally leave it up if you’re running late for work. On the other hand it may not shut all the way after you take the trash out at night. Fortunately, there’s no chance you will leave the garage door open again when you install a Tempe garage door sensor that’s connected with your home security system.

Your Tempe garage door sensor allows you to:

● Inspect the position of your garage door with the ADT Control app

● Operate your garage door no matter where you are

● Get alerts to your phone when your garage door is in use

● Automatically close and lock your door on a set plan

● Use with various types of products

ADT Mobile Control App in Tempe

Manage Your Garage Door With Your Phone

When running around in the morning, you likely don’t want to sit around to confirm the garage door is fully down before leaving the driveway. When you have a garage door sensor, you can check the status when you are out running errands using the ADT Control phone app. In the event that it’s wide open, simply shut it with a single push of the app’s interface. If it’s a common habit, you can access the ADT Control app and program your Tempe garage door sensor to automatically shut the door a few minutes after it opened.

You Will Know If Your Garage Door Opens

You will know whenever your garage door is raised by an alert to your smartphone. You'll be the first to find out when your kids access the house via the garage when they get home. You might also want to ask your loved one to get dinner started when they get home. In rare situations when you don’t expect the garage door to run, you can immediately explore the situation by reviewing the video feed from a home security camera.

ADT Security System Keyfob in Tempe

Make Your Tempe Garage Door Sensor A Trusted Aspect of Your Your Home Protection

Your garage door sensor is an important aspect of your Tempe smart house. Your garage door can automatically open whenever a disaster like flooding or fire is discovered, giving a way for first responders to enter with their gear and equipment. When your surveillance devices detect unexpected movements, your garage door sensor will make sure that the widest opening into your property is closed and secure.

There’s also an option to have your garage door respond to audible instructions through your AI assistant. Simply instruct your virtual assistant that you're going out, and have your garage door shut as your doors lock and the home defense alarms initialize. Or use the command that you’re going to bed and have your connected smart home confirm all your alarms and components are fully functional and activated.

Order Your Garage Door Sensor When You Install Your Tempe Home Defense

A garage door sensor is a smart add-on to your ADT security system. When reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems, we’ll ensure you have the deal plan for your property. Just call us at (480) 608-0064 or send in the following form to begin your home security upgrade.